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Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga for pregnant women is becoming more popular than before.

Many pregnant women say it is a great way to keep fit. Practicing yoga during pregnancy is one of the best ways to mental preparedness and good physical shape for an expectant mother. 

It is excellent at preparing the mother’s body for labour and maintaining internal harmony.  Using the right yoga routines women find it is a great way to stay fit, as well as helping them with breathing and relaxing.

There are two parts to yoga, meditation and exercises. I will start by looking at the meditation part.

Meditation has many benefits and is an important part of prenatal yoga aiding in helping lower the stresses of childbirth.  Meditation can also help enhance concentration and inner focus as well. Plus, it helps to also bring awareness of oneself and a deeper sense of connection to your unborn child.

Apart from the above it is also useful in helping you after the birth to centre and quiet the mind which helps restore a sense of balance, leading to a greater capacity to handle the demands of motherhood.

To get the best results meditating on a regular basis for example once a day or once every two days. Of course this is dependent on how much time you have to spare and what fits in with your lifestyle.

On the Yoga exercises for pregnant women, I would also advise you to consult your doctor first before doing any exercises. Even if you are experienced you should check with your doctor first. Next go to local classes if possible. There are many Yoga for pregnant women classes out there with experienced teachers, and this gives you a chance to meet other mums to be.

There are a lot of good instructional books and DVDs specialising just on Yoga for Pregnant Women. Read the reviews and get hold of a good one.

Even so, avoid any poses which you feel uncomfortable with. Do not do any exercises such as back bends, headstands, handstands, the Camel and Upward Bow. All pregnant women should avoid face-down postures that stress the weight of the body on the belly, including cobra, locust, and bow poses.  You will also want to stay away from poses that might stretch your lower torso muscles too much, especially your abdominal muscles. Avoid balancing postures where overbalancing could occur.

Early research suggests that yoga done correctly during pregnancy is safe and may improve outcomes for the mother before, during and after. Increased physical fitness coupled with the ability to relax and control breathing is definitely a boost to all pregnant women.
Yoga for pregnant women is an excellent way to tone your muscles, increase your stamina, improve blood circulation, relax and relieve tension through controlled and deep breathing.

Get a video or book that is specifically designed for Yoga for Pregnant mothers or contact your local prenatal yoga class. You will be pleased you did.

There are many other variations of yoga apart from these that I just mentioned however they all feature the same philosophy of getting the mind and body to operate as one to bring about a harmony in your daily routines.

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